For the past 7 years, we have been creating dresses with clear lines and purpose.

Our designs showcase an ancestral french savoir-faire and highlight our ambition to pave the way for a more engaged, qualitative and sustainable future.

  • Our dresses and separates are all designed and made in France, within our Parisian workshop as well as in Bretagne, a region located in the west of France. 


  • Our fabrics are thoroughly sourced within some of the best lace, silk and tulle workshops. All of our laces carry the Calais-Caudry label. Made with the Leavers loom (80% of the world Leavers looms are located in Calais and Caudry), this high-end lace is designed through an original and patterned process that guarantee quality, strength and finesse. And since examples are the best illustrations to one’s word, yes Kate Middleton wedding dress lace carried the Calais-Caudry label. Every collection is made by experienced model-makers and seamstresses, allowing us not only to design high-end product but also contribute to the local economy and showcase our country’s rich couture heritage.



We have surely come a long way in term of women’s rights but let’s face it, the road ahead of us to achieve gender equality is still quite long to go. That’s why it only made sense for us to get involved -as much as we could- and defend our core values : respect, tolerance, equality and freedom for all women. 

This year, we chose to support two causes that matter to us in term of gender equality and women’s health :

  • The fight for cancer with the Moonwalk

On May 16th 2020 , we were supposed to walk in bras across London for an engaged night marathon. If the event was canceled, we were still able to raise funds to fight breast cancer.

  • The fight against children marriages with UNICEF Go Girls! program

For our 6th anniversary, we decided to make a bigger move in support of women’s right by making a gift to the UNICEF Go Girls! movement who fight children marriages across the world. A plague that affects over 15 millions kids. An initiative that also led us to Malawi, a country with one of the highest rate of children marriages to meet with local representatives.